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Setting UTF8 as default in FreeBSD shell & screen, useful for irssi

This is mostly for my own reference. Running irssi with UTF8 will produce garbage characters unless screen, shell and terminal(not documented here, most terminals use utf8 nowadays though) is also set to UTF8. The commands below will fix it, assuming … Continue reading

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Create a report of your Virtual Machine inventory in VMware vSphere with PowerCLI

Here’s a short Powershell script that outputs your virtual machine inventory to a csv-file. Replace VCip with the ip of your vCenter server. Replace VCuser and VCpass with, preferably, a read-only user with access to your vCenter environment. Save the … Continue reading

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Transcoding a stream from a Dreambox on FreeBSD using VLC

Do you want to watch your TV channels from home at work? Do you have a Dreambox? If so, continue reading. Streaming the raw output from a Dreambox over the internet usually makes it stutter. So transcoding it first to … Continue reading

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