Binary telldus-core packages for OpenWRT

Here I will post ipk packages of telldus-core built for various OpenWRT architectures(they are built for Attitude Adjustment 12.09). I have detailed how to build it yourself in a previous post, but it is a bit complicated to do. Especially if you’re not used to compiling stuff, or Linux at all. So the packages below can simply be SCP’d to your router and then installed by running:

# opkg update

# opkg install <package>

You probably know which architecture(target) your router belongs to, since you’ve flashed it, but in case you forgot check here:

And here are the packages:









Initially there are just a few packages here as I’ve built ones for the most popular platforms. If there is no package for your platform, post a comment and I’ll try to build it.

Note that the only package I’ve tested myself is the ar71xx one, since my router is of that platform.





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  • Jacob


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  • Alexei

    Would you be so kind to compile an x86 package?

  • taliz

    Unfortunately my build environment is now broken. And a new version of OpenWRT is now out.
    So I’d have to setup everything again. I might do that once I get a new router, but it may take a while.

  • Tero St

    wish would have also seen .ipk for PPC (Freescale MPC85xx) here. any experience compiling for it ?

  • individual

    I wonder if you could do a package for telldus-core for Synology NAS with ATOM processor. My model is DS712+. I have a Tellstick Duo that I want to use with OpenHAB home automation server on this platform, but I don’t know even how to install the bootstrap (it fails each time, saying it cannot find ipkg and I cannot move forward). Would it be possible to have an installer package for Synology, like other packages are available in syno community? Thank you in advance.

  • Qwuille

    Could you be so kind and compile for Chaos Chalmer too?

  • llam


    Följde din länk till openwrt och build/kompilering med openwrt och insåg att jag inte ens fattar vad som ska eller hur det ska göras. Har en Linksys EA6700 som enligt openwrt har en target BCM53xx.
    Har du lust och tid att bygga den eller förklara hur och vad som ska göras få att få ihop det?


  • Shania


  • hanifah

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