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Automate UCS firmware upgrade for VMware vSphere clusters

I found plenty of posts with scripts that automated the firmware upgrade for UCS servers running VMware ESXi. I did however not think they were “safe” enough, so I wrote my own. It will update the firmware of all the … Continue reading

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EMC SRDF SRA 5.1(& 5.5) install issues – solution

Tried installing EMC SRDF SRA 5.1 on my new VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.1 server. It installed fine, but apparantly didn’t create an EMC Symmetrix folder under the sra-folder as it should. After a bit of googling and searching the … Continue reading

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Create a report of your Virtual Machine inventory in VMware vSphere with PowerCLI

Here’s a short Powershell script that outputs your virtual machine inventory to a csv-file. Replace VCip with the ip of your vCenter server. Replace VCuser and VCpass with, preferably, a read-only user with access to your vCenter environment. Save the … Continue reading

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Finding ISOs mounted by Virtual Machines in vSphere

Well, I’ve never really gotten around to find a good answer on how to find which virtual machine has an ISO mounted. This has been problematic whenever moving the ISO storage, since it will just fail without telling you which … Continue reading

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