EMC SRDF SRA 5.1(& 5.5) install issues – solution

Tried installing EMC SRDF SRA 5.1 on my new VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.1 server. It installed fine, but apparantly didn’t create an EMC Symmetrix folder under the sra-folder as it should. After a bit of googling and searching the forums on Powerlink I gave up and contacted EMC support. Turns out it currently doesn’t work when SRM is installed somewhere other than C: and they had no solution to it.

So, I turned to regedit.
The solution is to change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\InstallPath to a C: location and reinstall the SRA. Change the install location back in regedit an reinstall the SRA again. Then copy the EMC Symmetrix folder from C: and command.pl to where you installed SRM in the first place. Do NOT copy the files before you’ve reinstalled the SRA to the correct location, cause the installer will remove the EMC Symmetrix folder and command.pl. Therefore the copying from C: needs to be done last.

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EDIT: EMC claims to have fixed this issue in 5.5, but after testing an upgrade the problem is still there.






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3 Responses to EMC SRDF SRA 5.1(& 5.5) install issues – solution

  1. Cody Hosterman says:

    Just as an update EMC just released a new version of the SRDF SRA (version 5.5) and this issue has been resolved in that release. This SRA works with both SRM 5.1 and 5.5

  2. taliz says:

    Actually I tested upgrading to the 5.5 version and it had the same problem. If SRM is installed on for example the D drive, command.pl does not get created unless you do the workaround I described in the post above.

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