Flashing a dreambox via telnet/ftp

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If you don’t have a nullmodem cable available this is an easy and fast way to install a new image on your dreambox.
This method will only work with a .img image file.

Rename the image file to backup.img
FTP the image file to the /tmp folder on the dreambox
Telnet to your box and paste the following command:

cd /tmp && eraseall /dev/mtd/3 && cp backup.img /dev/mtd/3 && reboot

If you want to backup the current image you have running on the box you could use the following command and then download the file via FTP.

cat /dev/mtd/3 > /tmp/backup.img





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2 Responses to Flashing a dreambox via telnet/ftp

  1. Henrik Swennergren says:


    Thanks for the info, but when I run the cmd:
    cd /tmp && eraseall /dev/mtd/3 && cp backup.img /dev/mtd/3 && reboot

    I get the following respons:
    -sh: eraseall: not found

    Any idea?

  2. taliz says:

    This is only tested on PLI(openpli.org) images on a dreambox 500. So if you’re running other software it might not work.

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