Home automation part II – location & day/night triggering

In part one I went through the setup of the Tellstick and controlling it via a browser and/or mobile phone app.
In this part I’ll try to explain how to make it trigger based on your location and time of day/night, so you won’t have to push any buttons at all. Magic! *cough*

Basically you need an app that can trigger tasks. The first app I found, and tried, was Locale. I found that it was a bit too simplistic for my needs though, as I, for example, found no way of negating tasks. I needed something a bit more advanced, and luckily I found just what I needed in Tasker. Tasker even works with Locale plugins, which is quite useful for my needs as it works great with the “Remotestick” plugin(which I explained in the previous post) as well as the “Day & Night” plugin which can be used to trigger stuff based on whether the sun is up or down. Excellent for turning on/off the lights.


I’ve found that location triggering works best using the wifi trigger, meaning it’ll trigger once its near a specific SSID. You can trigger based on mobile positioning and GPS as well, but from my experience they’re too slow and not precise enough + the GPS consumes a lot of battery. Another basis for triggering that I use is that the phone is connected/not connected to an AC power source(ie the charger).
Currently I have 4 profiles in my tasker setup.

1) Media – I use this for triggering the powerplugs that power on/off the TV, dreambox, amplifier, subwoofer etc. So that they are only on standby when I’m home and awake(if the phone is in the charger that means I’ve gone to bed).
The triggers here are “Wifi Near mySSID” and also “Power source not AC/dock/car charger”.
The actions are “Remote stick” “turn on”/”turn off” “media”(an alias in the remotestick application for all powerplugs connected to the above mentioned gear).

2) Lights – Using this to turn on/off powerplugs connected to my lights based on whether I’m home and whether the sun is up or down.
The trigger is the “Day & Night” plugin set to Nighttime at mylocation and “Wifi Near mySSID”.
The action is “Remote stick” “turn on”/”turn off” “lights”(an alias in the remotestick application for all powerplugs connected to my lights).

3) Sleep – This turns off everything when I go to bed. Its triggered on the “Power source AC/dock/car charger”. It will not trigger if you connect it with a USB cable to a computer which is sometimes do during the day. If you want to expand you could add more triggers so that it will only trigger during some parts of the day, for example if you go to bed regularly.
The action is “remote stick” “turn off” “everything”(an alias in the remotestick application for all powerplugs).

4) Silent – This just triggers the silent mode on the phone when I go to sleep, also trigger on the “Power source AC/dock/car charger”. Obviously you could have this included under 3) but since I’m on call one week per month I found it easier to have a separate profile for this, which I can quickly disable during that week.

Here’s a little guide using Tasker with Remotestick to turn on/off lights. It’s in swedish but might be useful anyways as it walks though the Tasker GUI.





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  1. Gillbert says:

    “Day&Night” hasn’t been working correctly lately. The “Twilight” plug-in should do the trick though.

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